Rory MacDonald has been groomed as a rising prospect since entering the UFC. Now, with a sparkling 12-1 record, and an upcoming co-main event fight with Che Mills set for UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans, MacDonald sees his future laid out in front of him.

During a recent interview with Heavy MMA, MacDonald discussed his plans to win the welterweight title and move up to middleweight after that. MacDonald-Mills is set for April 21 from Atlanta.

“Sometime over the next few years, I’m going to be moving up into the next weight class. After I win the welterweight title and feel comfortable with my technique to the point where I feel I can compete with bigger guys, I’ll make the move. I want to prove that even though I’m the smaller fighter, I can find success because my technique is at a high level.”

MacDonald is just a few seconds – and one mistake – away from being undefeated, as Carlos Condit toppled him. Now, with the lights shining bright on him in the Mills fight, the world will see just what this “Ares” is all about.