We begin with members of Team Vitor, overjoyed following last week’s victory. The coaches then break down their strategies and how they spoke to their teams following the first bout.

Team Wanderlei’s Massaranduba wants to fight this week. He’s anxious to beat someone up.

At the training center, Team Vitor runs through wrestling and BJJ drills.

Daniel tells Vitor he wants to fight this week, and that he’s ready. Vitor explains his belief in principles, Wanderlei thinks Vitor lives in another world, is crazy, and asks if he realizes how boring he is.

The teams come out for the fight announcement, and Vitor chooses Renee Forte to take on Daniel Sarafian. The two have an intense face-off, but shake hands afterwards.

Vitor shows Daniel some techniques, as he explains how he fights to live his dream, to be the best in the world. The coaches break down the gameplan with him. We see Daniel’s weight cut.

Back with Team Wanderlei, Renee breaks down his Karate background, before emotionally discussing his mother passing away at a very young age. He explains his relationship with his father. He gave up university to fight, and he’s entering the octagon to change his life. Wanderlei explains why he believes in Renee, and how determined he is in the gym.

Back at the house, Team Wanderlei meet up and Pe de Chumbo explains his problem with being around Team Vitor. He believes it’s wrong for opposing team members to share rooms, and reiterates that he’s not there to mess around, he’s there to fight and win.

The next day, the mood in the house has lightened up. Vitor’s fighters play percussion instruments, dance around, and sing traditional Brazilian songs.

It’s time for Wanderlei’s team to get back to work. The fighters all express their confidence in Renee. A funny moment follows as some of the fighters and Fabricio Werdum participate in some product placement-based advertising for a supplement.

Team Vitor enters the training center next, and they’re very confident that Daniel will be able to take Renee down, as well as beat him on the feet. Hugo breaks down the keys to victory. Daniel promises a war.

At the weigh-ins, both Daniel and Renee easily make the 186 pound limit, both coming in at 185.

The coaches predict one of the most exciting fights of the season.

Daniel and Gasparzinho jokingly make rude comments about the other time, but their fellow teammate Rodrigo Damm takes offense to the disrespect, and calls them out on it, creating a conflict, and perhaps a rift in the team.

Spirits are high the night before the fight, with both teams joking and having a good time. Several fighters run naked through the house screaming loudly.

Damm understands Gasparzinho’s relaxed attitude and playful childishness, but he warns him that he should tone it down, as he’s not here to goof off.

It’s fight day at the TUF Brazil House, and Sarafian reiterates that he’s ready for war, and will give his life to win the fight. Whereas Renee believes he’s being underestimated, and is ready to prove people wrong.

Vitor’s team pray together as they head to the fight. Wanderlei’s team sing and joke around.

At the training center, UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos arrives. He visits Team Wanderlei, who all express how grateful they are to see him. Junior visits Team Vitor next, and expresses how excited he is to see the two rematch at the end of the season. Junior is excited with the potential he sees in both teams, and he’s very excited for Sarafian vs Forte.

It’s time for the fight!

Mario Yamasaki is in charge of the action. The two touch gloves in the center of the octagon, It’s Sarafian who moves forward first, working a quick jab. Renee gets him against the cage and holds him up, but Sarafian escapes and takes his opponent to the canvas. Sarafian maintains top control for a considerable amount of time, and as Forte gets up, he eats a solid knee. Daniel is looking much quicker than Renee, and is mixing up his strikes well. Daniel stuffs a takedown, attempts a guillotine, but when unable to complete it, opts to throw bombs instead. As the first round ends, Sarafian is on top, just as he should be on the scorecards.

The second round gets under way, and once again it is Sarafian who is the aggressor early. His heavy legs kick are wearing down Forte, who eats a counter punch or two, a solid shot to the body, before being taken down. He gets back to his feet, but he’s being outclassed, and is quickly sent back to the mat. Sarafian takes his back and locks in a lightning fast rear naked choke, which brings the tap.

Following the fight, Vitor, Wanderlei, and Junior break down the fight. Junior was impressed by the boxing of Sarafia. Wanderlei believes Renee was intimidated and hurt early. Vitor was impressed be Renee, but he believes he doesn’t listen well, and could use some guidance.

Renee is unhappy, but he understands that people make mistakes. Wanderlei is pissed off. He’s disappointed and angry. He lectures Renee about his heart.

Sarafian is happy with his win, and excited to fight again. Team Vitor celebrates, while Team Wanderlei sits in silence, almost stunned by the result.

Back at the house, Junior visits with the guys once ahain. He breaks down the fight with the teams and explains what they could do better in their own upcoming fights. There is a bit of a PSA about Dengue Fever and how to avoid it, and the teams and Junior go looking for standing water to find mosquitoes.

A preview for next week’s episode shows dissention on Wanderlei’s team. Wanderlei wants to get in there and fight himself, and Damm continues to be unimpressed by the actions of his housemates. Will things take a turn for the better for Wanderlei’s team next week?

Check back next week to find out.