Bjorn Rebney continues to make a name for himself in the world of MMA, helping push Bellator Fighting Championships into the mainstream media.

As CEO for Bellator, Rebney has been the guiding light behind a surge in production value, fights and everything else concerning Bellator.

While he knows competing against the UFC is a giant leap, Rebney, in a recent interview with Perry Lefko of, doesn’t feel like being in charge of just another fight promotion – he wants more.

I’ve got a lot of respect for what the UFC has done. They’ve accomplished some great things. My anticipation of where we go is pretty large. When I was envisioning this, I never did get into it thinking, ‘I hope we’re No. 2.’ I don’t think anybody that’s hugely driven gets into any business and says, ‘I just hope we can be No. 2.’ Your vision is that you’re going to put all these pieces together and over a period of time you’re going to be competitive with the best that there is, regardless of what you’re doing, and my vision is no different than that.

Currently, Bellator is shown on MTV2. However, beginning next year, they will head to Spike TV – the former home of the UFC – and expand from two-hour shows to three hours. There are also plans for a reality-based series for Bellator fighters.

All in all, Rebney seems to have the right idea. He has played nice with the UFC, and UFC president Dana White has made it known that he respects what Bellator is doing. That should help them survive any thought of an attack by the UFC or White.