Hearing Alistair Overeem discuss his fight strategy for a May 26 bout at UFC 146 with Junior dos Santos for the UFC heavyweight title would lead many to believe “The Reem” is anticipating his license being granted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Overeem is set to go before NSAC on April 24 in hopes of clearing up a failed pre-fight drug test for elevated levels of testosterone recently. During an interview on Spike TV’s MMA Uncensored Live, Overeem talked about how he planned to go about attacking dos Santos.

“I am bigger, I am stronger, I am better in the stand up and I’m better on the ground. Nothing scares me about Junior dos Santos. Everything he’s doing, I’ve seen it before. I’m not worried about it, I’ve experienced it all.”

Overeem did not talk about the failed drug test during the interview, instead focusing on his training and dos Santos. We’ll know for sure what the plans for UFC 146 are come April 24, with everyone watching that NSAC hearing with great interest.

Photo credit: Tracy Lee/Yahoo! Sports