A quick recap from last Friday’s episode begins this edition of The Ultimate Fighter: Live, as we approach Chris Tickle against Joe Proctor in the live fight.

Michael Chiesa celebrates his victory with Team Urijah Faber, while Jeremy Larsen from Team Dominick Cruz reacts on the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s also revealed that Tickle showed up drunk to the Chiesa-Larsen bout, which bothered Cruz to the point of being frustrated with him.

Tickle proves he wants to be on this show and win it all, telling Cruz to amp up the training even more this coming week. Cruz lets him know that’s what he has been doing, and informs him to lay off the drinking this week. That almost seems to lead you to believe we’ll see him drinking during this episode recap:)

Proctor believes he is at an advantage against Tickle in the fight, as both step on the scale for fun. Tickle chows down on some corn dogs and hits the hot tub, alienating himself even further from his teammates at the house.

Mike Rio and Justin Lawrence discuss Cruz’ coaching style, as Rio wishes he’d give them a light day so he could rest his knee up. Lawrence, meanwhile, wants to be pushed and pushed hard. The age difference in the two is very relevant during this discussion.

The training session for Team Cruz gets intense between Lawrence and Rio, as the two start to go after it hard, with neither pulling any punches. Faber tries to tell Proctor to keep it technical, as that is his strength and Tickle’s weakness in the upcoming fight.

Vitor Belfort is at the fight, shown talking with Marty Cordova. Belfort is currently coaching on The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil. With it being Easter, it’s Tickle who starts the process of preparing the meal, while several of the fighters relax and enjoy the pool area, even making a large slip-and-slide.

During an interview segment, we see a new side of Tickle, as he talks about fighting to support his family and his life growing up. Nothing like doing a complete twist from the previous weeks to make you want to pull for a guy leading up to a fight.

It’s time to weigh-in, as Cruz calls Faber out for sweating from his feet. The tension between the two coaches feels very staged, including the scene post weigh-in where they meet up as Faber exits and Cruz enters.

Tickle weighs in at 153 pounds while eating a slice of pizza, while Proctor comes in at 155.

And with that, it’s time to fight. Tickle comes to the Octagon smiling, while Proctor stares Tickle down all the way to the entrance. Tickle starts things off with a head-kick, getting a good feel for the distance between the fighters. Tickle remains aggressive, charging with strikes and connecting with another kick. Proctor seems hesitant to strike, but goes for a takedown that Tickle fends off. Proctor misses a headlock attempt and eats a couple of punches for it. Tickle continues to come straight at Proctor, but Proctor has yet to fire off anything worth noting. Tickle with a nice stiff jab, and Proctor comes back with knees to the body. Proctor gets the takedown with under a minute left, locks in a rear-naked choke and gets the hooks, squeezing the neck hard. Tickle is trying to hold off as we move under 30 seconds, but he can’t hold off anymore, tapping with 18 seconds left in the round.

Joe Proctor earns the submission victory via rear-naked choke at 4:42 of round one.

“Tickle’s tough; he hits like a truck,” Proctor said. “He’s a good guy.”

Next week we’ll see Team Faber’s John Cofer take on Vinc Pichel from Team Cruz.