Rashad Evans learned a lot from Greg Jackson, and “Suga” won’t discount that. However, Jackson has confirmed that he will corner UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones against Evans next Saturday night.

Jones and Evans meet in the main event of UFC 145 from Atlanta’s Philips Arena.

On a recent episode of Pro MMA Radio with Larry Pepe, Evans discussed Jackson in great detail.

If it wasn’t for Greg bringing him on the team, then we wouldn’t have it. If he had stayed loyal to the people that was on his team, then the situation would have never came to be. But, the thing is, Greg cares about his best interest. Greg cares about being coach of the year every year. Is the team about ‘I’ Greg Jackson or is the team about an actual team? What I have figured out is that the team is about ‘I’ Greg Jackson and not the team.

I wouldn’t expect Jackson, Jones and Evans to have any kind of moment inside the Octagon either before or after the fight. Jones/Jackson and Evans seem to be so far from a reconciliation that we more likely to see Republicans and Democrats agree on something before these two sides do.

Photo credit: Esther Lin/MMA Fighting