The episode starts off like a horror movie. Black and white, a creepy man walking around in a Jason mask. It is soon revealed to be Gasparzinho, who then performs BJJ on a plastic panther. Some of the fighters sleep, while Gasparzinho gives them a hard time well into the night. At 3:15 am, he begins banging on windows and doors, which gets him locked out of the house. Rodrigo Damm is very upset.

Rony Jason woke up, angry, and decided to go train at 4am. He keeps the fighters awake as he works the heavy bag, and many of them express their desire to kick his ass. The next day, Rony confronts the green team, and Gasparzinho apologizes. Vitor takes responsibility, but faults Rony for doing what he did to keep people up afterwards.

Vitor and Wanderlei break down their training methods, and their feelings following last week’s bout.

Wanderlei tells his team to keep their cool. Vitor decides that it will be either Rodrigo Damm or Hugo Wolverine who end up fighting from his team, but refuses to tell them until he is ready. The team is not happy with the decision.

Fast forward to the fight announcement, and coach Vitor Belfort decides that featherweights John Macapa and Rodrigo Damm will go head to head in the third bout. Damm believes it will be a good fight, Macapa felt he would fight and looks to God’s will to guide him to victory. Wanderlei and Vitor each express elation at the fight picks.

Damm discusses his parent’s divorce, and how his sisters moved away, leaving him on his own at 16. He looks to his other sister as someone who helped him survive, and discusses her own BJJ experience. He begins to cry as he explains how she is his inspiration. Damm knows he will win, if only for his wife and three kids, he wants them to be given the opportunity for better education and a better life.

Macapa describes growing up in a poor neighborhood. He explains how he’s here for his girlfriend and mother, and he fights for them. His parents also divorced. He describes their abusive relationship and how much he loves and respects his mother, and how she is his inspiration. He believes his determination and mindset will guide him to victory.

Vitor and Wanderlei break down how a fighter cuts weight, and then we see some of the process that the athletes go through.

Wanderlei tells his team that they are lucky that they are with him because Vitor is boring.

At the official weigh-ins, both fighters make the limit, with Team Vitor’s Rodrigo Damm coming in at 145, and Team Wanderlei’s Macapa, stripping nude, with no towel, in what was an awkward moment, and weighing in at 145.

We now find ourselves on fight day. The fighters are preparing, and Damm is as confident as always. Macapa, of course, is also confident, and once again cites God’s will as his inspiration.

The fight begins, and after some solid exchanges, Damm takes down Macapa. Following some ground and pound, John makes it back to his feet, but is once again taken down. Damm lands some solid elbows, but his posturing allows Macapa to once again make it back to his feet. The round ends with the two men clinched against the cage.

As the second round begins, Macapa comes out swinging. Rodrigo starts to look a little gassed, and John works low kicks and short combos. With some big punches being thrown by Macapa, Damm once again gets the takedown, and even makes it to the mount, but the round ends.

After two rounds, it’s a draw, and the two men go to a sudden death round.

In the third, both fighters looked gassed. John strikes first but isn’t having much success. A slower round than the first two, things pick up briefly as Damm lifts his opponent and slams him down. Damm works body shots from top control, but Macapa gets back to his feet. John gets a takedown of his own, but Damm constantly threatens with submissions. The fight ends with a scramble.

After 15 minutes, the judges score the bout for Team Vitor’s Rodrigo Damm, bringing Team Vitor to 3-0 in competition. Wanderlei is proud of Macapa. Team Vitor is ecstatic.

Will Team Wanderlei finally score a victory next week? Check back in seven days to find out!