Dana White has always been a big fan of keeping teammates from fighting teammates.

Wait, no he hasn’t. During a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports’ Cagewriter, the UFC president called out trainer Greg Jackson for his decision-making that ultimately led to the fallout between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Rashad Evans.

Jones and Evans will meet this Saturday night in the main event of UFC 145 from Atlanta.

There is one thing that is an absolute fact, and no matter how often Greg Jackson pumps that family (expletive), Greg Jackson is a (expletive) businessman. The more top guys he brings in, the more money he makes. Greg Jackson (expletive) told Rashad this wouldn’t happen, that they’re family and all that other (expletive), but look what is going on now. Look and see who is at Jackson’s and who is not. Train where you think it’s going to be best for you and if that’s Jackson’s, that’s fine. Just don’t buy into this family (expletive) because there’s nothing to it. This is the fight business, not the friend business.

White has been critical of the Jackson camp on many instances, so his strong displeasure with them now isn’t that odd. Much of the problems between Evans and Jones seem to come from Jackson, so, maybe there is some truth to White’s words.

Photo credit: Esther Lin/MMA Fighting