Michael Bisping stepped in for Mark Munoz and had a chance to claim a possible shot at Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title.

Instead, Bisping was defeated by Chael Sonnen. Now, “The Count” believes he is headed for a rematch with Sonnen, but with the title on the line this time around.

During a recent interview with Your MMA, Bisping offered up his prediction on the upcoming Silva-Sonnen rematch set for June. The brash Brit also gave his take on what would happen if he fought Sonnen a second time.

I think Chael will out-wrestle Anderson and beat him this time, and then I’ll get the rematch with Chael considering how close our fight was. If I had Chael over five rounds, I’d definitely beat him. In that last fight, I’d have stopped him in the fourth for sure. He was spent after trying to submit me in that third round. Towards the end of that round I was raining down shots on him.

Bisping is currently set for a match with Tim Boetsch, who skyrocketed up the ladder with his knockout victory over former title contender Yushin Okami. While Bisping is looking far into the future, he is right in that he nearly had Sonnen beat once.

Photo credit: Twitter.com/danawhite