We are counting down to undefeated Vinc Pichel taking on John Cofer in another live fight this week.

Up first, however, is a replay from Joe Proctor’s victory for Team Urijah Faber over Chris Tickle from Team Dominick Cruz. The win gives Team Faber a 3-2 lead.

Faber’s team seems to be in a good mood as you could have guessed after the win, while the feeling around Team Cruz is not quite the same. Faber tries to give Tickle some positive words, which does not sit to well with Cruz.

Cruz and Tickle continue to have problems, with Michael Chiesa saying he didn’t feel great with how Cruz handled the entire situation.

We have the usual training sessions, with the normal problems with fighters turning to the other team taking place once again.

At the weigh-ins, Pichel comes in at 154 pounds, while Cofer hits the scale at 156.

Round one see little fighting from either man, as they work to feel each other out. Cofer and Pichel decide to stand and trade, with Cofer getting the better of a clinch with a knee. Cofer connects with a right, but is not using his wrestling at all.

The second round sees Cofer connect with a shot that hurts Pichel. However, Pichel finally gets on track with his offense and starts looking better. Pichel goes in for a strong takedown. Not much action for Pichel on top, but he does avoid a submission attempt by Cofer.

After the round, we are told there will be a sudden victory round and the two prepare. Punches in bunches by both men to start, but Pichel scores the takedown, locking in an arm triangle. Cofer quickly taps and this one is over.

Vinc Pichel def. John Cofer via submission (arm triangle choke) in third round.

The win ties the score at 3-all between the coaches, with Sam Sicilia and Chris Saunders announced as the next fight.