Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez comes from the sport of wrestling, where drug testing was used on a consistent basis.

Now, with all of the recent issues with drug testing starting to become a much bigger deal in the sport of MMA, Velasquez is very open to the idea of random drug testing being done. He’s also not very keen on taking fights against fighters who are not clean, as he told in a recent interview.

I think random drug testing is good. I’ve always been part of a sport where we were always randomly drug tested and that’s good. I’m clean. I don’t take anything and I’m happy to do those kinds of tests. I want to fight against somebody who is clean. If somebody isn’t, that’s definitely a big advantage for them. I want it to be on the same playing field. I’m hoping everyone is clean.

Alistair Overeem, who is currently scheduled to face Junior dos Santos for the UFC heavyweight title, had elevated levels of testosterone in his system during a recent pre-fight drug test. Velasquez believes the UFC or the Nevada State Athletic Commission will right the situation involving Overeem, though that could cost him his planned opponent.

Rumors have Frank Mir taking Overeem’s place against dos Santos in May at UFC 146. Velasquez and Mir are on the card in a No. 1 contender match at the time.

UPDATE: Overeem is out, and Mir is in. It remains to be seen who Velasquez will face, but he is reported to still compete on the card. Click here for the latest on the fight changes.