Jon Jones discusses his road to success and his journey as a son, brother, and fighter in this interview with’s Fight Day.

Part I

An introduction to the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the world Jon “Bones” Jones. We take a journey to Jon’s hometown of Binghamton, New York where we learn about his upbringing, early life and family values.

Part II

Jon talks about a family tragedy and how the event has shaped him as a person and as a fighter. Jon openly discusses religion and how it affects his outlook on life. We take a peek into his early career and the events that led up to his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

Part III

A look into the career of Jon “Bones” Jones and the criticism that follows him…”Is Jon Jones cocky”? Jon answers with confidence about himself as a person and as an athlete. Is Jon the greatest fighter of all time and what would it take for that to become a reality?