UFC president Dana White, in an interview with MMA Junkie’s John Morgan following UFC 145, revealed that the details for Anderson Silva-Chael Sonnen’s rematch will be confirmed Tuesday.

The UFC will hold a press conference in Brazil, with Silva and Sonnen in attendance. Reports have the fight being moved to Las Vegas and July.

Yeah, there’s stuff going on down there in Brazil, and I’m working on it. We’re working on it still at this minute. We had the whole arena mapped out and ready to go. We were pumped and ready for that. They came to us, and the mayor was trying to fight for us and trying to keep it. The whole thing just fell apart.

A conference with the United Nations has been scheduled for the days prior to the planned UFC event from Rio de Janeiro, causing issues with the card. White added that they won’t be able to secure the stadium near the targeted date, and doesn’t feel a fight between Silva and Sonnen can be contained in a Brazilian arena.

White also added that plans are for a card to take place in Brazil in June, with current Ultimate Fighter: Brazil coaches Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort likely to main event.

Photo credit: Combat Lifestyle