The coaches discuss this week’s potential fight. Wanderlei describes Vitor as fussy and says he gets his nails done.

We jump right into the fight pick, however, noticibly absent is Rodrigo Damm. Damm is back at the house taking a rest, Wanderlei wasn’t so happy.

Vitor picks Cezar Mutante, from his team, to take on Team Wanderlei’s Leonardo Maraccao.

We take a look back at Macarrao’s last night, and Wanderlei is incredibly confident in his abilities. Vitor believes he exposed some holes in his game.

Maraccao discusses his childhood and his love of his beach. He explains that he trained in Muay thai and Jiu-Jitsu, fought his first MMA fight, won, and has not lost since. He explains how his mom stays away from his fights, because she doesn’t like MMA, but that the rest of his family loves it and supports him.

Vitor has been training Mutante for awhile. so he obviously has faith in his fighter. We look back at Mutante’s fight, which was a very tough fight.

Mutante describes how his mother passed away when he was 12, and he talked about the nightmares he suffered for years because of her death. His dad drinks, his brother does drugs, and he left home, found a team that treated him like family, and met Vitor at age 17. He goes over a break from MMA, and a shoulder injury he suffered that took him out of the game for awhile.

Back at the house, there are frog shenanigans going down. The kitchen in the home is disgusting. Some of the fighters are complaining about cleaning, while others are taking initiative and doing something about the mess. Meanwhile, many fighters play to the camera, joke around, and lounge around poolside.

In the bedrooms, the fighters put on a mock radio show and joke around, which angers Rodrigo Damm. Rodrigo says he wants to see the Gasparazihno sleep before he has to fight, and will make sure he has trouble doing so.

Both team’s fighters believe their teammate will win.

Mutante makes a t-shirt that says he loves his wife and kids, but he misspells love, which he gets ragged on for. He begs his language teacher for forgiveness.

At the weigh-ins, Macarrao comes in at 182, and Mutante comes in at 186.

Inexplicably, the opening credits begin at the 19 minute mark.

Macarrao’s teammates value him in the gym. We see Babalu teaching the guys some interesting ground techniques.

It’s time for Werdum to appear in yet another hilarious product placement. Then we switch to team Vitor, who also enjoy amusing product placements.

On fight day, Mutante wants to be alone so he can focus. No distractions, no joking. Macarrao sees a bee, which he is afraid of, and this makes him uncomfortable.

And this deodorant segment is brought to you by, Gilette.

Pre-fight, Mutante says he doesn’t care if Macarrao is a ninja or can throw fire, he’s going to lose. Macarrao says they made a bad fight choice, and he’s going to win.

And it’s time for the fight.

The first round was incredibly close. Mutante lands a big left, and Macarrao is stunned, but ultimately, it woke him up. After a few exchanges, Macarrao lands some solid strikes that drop Mutante, but he fails to capitalize. Mutante managed to score a takedown, and even secured the back, but was unable to make anything happen.

In the second round, Mutante wastes no time getting in the clinch. He lifts Macarrao off the ground, slams him down, works from side control to a guillotine, and forces the tap early. Team Vitor is now up 4-0.

Mutante is happy, Vitor is proud. Macarrao is incredibly angry, but Wanderlei is very proud of him, and does his best to make him feel like a champion, which he believes he will someday be.

Is Team Vitor going to sweep the whole show? Half way through the quarterfinals and they’re undefeated.

Check back next week to see what happens.