Alistair Overeem was denied his fight license by the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Tuesday, and will not be allowed to re-apply for nine months.

The commission ruled after several hours of hearings. Overeem’s suspension will be backdated to March 27 of this year, allowing him a chance to compete right near the end of 2012. The decision includes a provision in which Overeem cannot fight anywhere else during this time.

“I gave up the title fight because my position became not credible after media reports,” Overeem said during the hearing.

Overeem told NSAC that he was dealing with several injuries, including rib, angle and thigh problems leading up to his bout with Brock Lesnar in December. Overeem, however, added that he did not take anything before the Lesnar bout, just in January during a visit to Dallas due to the pain caused by the flight.

The doctor seen by Overeem gave him a shot on January 12, and a vial to self-inject as needed. Overeem claims he had no idea testosterone was in the mix while he was taking it.

Overeem was scheduled to face Junior dos Santos for the UFC heavyweight title after becoming the No. 1 contender with a win over Lesnar. Earlier this year, Overeem failed a pre-fight drug test issued by NSAC for elevated levels of testosterone, thus prompting the issues with NSAC.

While he was not licensed at the time – due to problems with his testing before the Lesnar bout – Overeem was free of any punishment by NSAC. The commission, though, still held the rights to deny his fight license for both the failed test and previous issues which he agreed to in order to receive his license for the Lesnar fight.

The NSAC heavily questioned the doctor, Hector Molina, in regards to the prescription given. Molina admitted he did not have Overeem sign a consent form, which should have happened. Molina also said he did not offer to Overeem what was in the mix given.

Photo credit: Tracy Lee/Yahoo! Sports