While the press conference was pushed back from the original start time, that didn’t stop many from confirming that the rematch everyone has been waiting for has been shifted.

A poster highlighting Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen 2 for the UFC middleweight title displayed UFC 148 on it in front of the stand. That means no Silva-Sonnen from Brazil at UFC 147 as was the original plan.

By now, everyone knows the UFC was having problems getting things figured out for the planned Rio de Janeiro show. The United Nations scheduled a conference for the days leading up to the set card, making it very difficult to reserve enough hotel rooms for everyone involved.

On Tuesdya morning, UFC president Dana White, Silva and Sonnen all took part in a press conference from Rio. The two heated rivals sat on opposite sides of White.

– White started off by saying issues with travel kept the presser from starting at the scheduled time.

– Right off the bat, White confirms UFC 148 will now host Silva-Sonnen 2. He says they tried to do the card at two locations, but were unable to lock anything down. He also said rumors of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil finales, along with Wanderlei Silva-Vitor Belfort, having a set venue are not true.

– Jose Aldo is also likely to be placed on the Brazilian card, along with Fabricio Werdum vs. Mike Russow. That means the plan to have Aldo fight in Canada are out the window as of now.

– White confirms he had to talk Silva into taking the fight, as he really wanted to fight in Brazil.

– Sonnen says Las Vegas is the “fight capital of the world,” and “we will be the biggest sporting event in the history of combat.” Sonnen wanted to do the fight in Brazil, but is obviously fine with it being in Vegas.

– Silva “I’m going to be fighting and representing Brazil in the same manner I have always done.”

– Sao Paulo and Rio were looked at to host event, White says. “This is a huge global event,” adding, “Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.”

– White says “Las Vegas was the only other option,” when things in Brazil fell through. He adds that Sonnen was fine coming to Rio and fighting Silva.

– Sonnen is asked his impressions of Rio: “My impressions have been great. I don’t have anything against the Brazilian people; Your women are all okay with me.”

– “All athletes who are in UFC are good athletes,” Silva said.

– Sonnen says Silva never accepted his retirement talk, adding he went and took the Michael Bisping fight instead. He also says he won’t talk like Silva does, reflecting on his career and such.

– The two square off to finish the presser, with much the same appearance as the two did before the first meeting. After a brief face-to-face, Silva walks right off the stage.