UFC president Dana White has remained relatively – for White, at least – quiet in regards to the Alistair Overeem situation.

White confirmed last week that Overeem would be removed from the planned UFC 147 main event with Junior dos Santos for the UFC heavyweight title, despite not having appeared in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

On Tuesday, NSAC denied Overeem his fight license, which resulted in him not being able to re-apply for nine months. The sentence was back-dated, meaning near the end of December Overeem will be able to seek his license again. As part of the deal, the former Strikeforce heavyweight champion cannot compete to fight in any other part of the world.

White, during an appearance on The Jim Rome Show, gave his view of Overeem and the entire ordeal.

I wasn’t very optimistic about his chances. I didn’t think things were gonna turn out very well for him, as expected. Nine months? That’s not as bad as I thought it was gonna be. I thought he’d get a year, easily a year. I’m not a fan. I’m not a fan at all. You’re not going to hear me defending Alistair Overeem on your radio show. We’ll see what happens. He claimed he was on anti-inflammatories which he should have told them before he tested. I know he lied to me. I don’t like it. If they’ll sit in front of you and lie to your face, I don’t know, not the type of guys I wanna do business with.

As a still young heavyweight contender, Overeem has plenty of positives he can provide in the UFC. Getting on the wrong side of White, however, is not the way to go about that. We’ll have to see what the UFC decides to do with “The Reem” going forward.