It’s official.

Former Bellator middleweight champion Hector Lombard is now a member of the UFC’s middleweight roster. Dana White tweeted the news along with a pic of Hector’s John Hancock earlier this evening.

Speaking to MMA Weekly, Lombard declared he signed with the UFC to prove he’s the best in the world and plans to win the UFC middleweight title from Anderson Silva.

“I’ve wanted to fight in the UFC all my career,” Lombard said. “I want to be UFC middleweight champion and I want to fight Anderson Silva to do it. I have such respect for him as a fighter, it would be an honor and a dream come true to test my skills against his. I wouldn’t be in the UFC if I didn’t think I could win the UFC world title.”

“I’m here in the UFC to prove I am the best in the world. I’m very proud of my heritage and I want to represent all Cubans around the world when I fight in the UFC, just like I did when I went to the Olympics in 2000.”

Lombard’s definitely an exciting addition to the middleweight roster. Lombard has looked like a world beater throughout most of his career, however most of those beat downs did not come against top competition. So the question remains, is Hector Lombard really as good as he has looked or will he struggle when he starts fighting the best middleweights in the world? I don’t know the answer, but the good news is we’re finally going to find out.