The episode opens up with an elated Team Vitor, although, Gasparzinho is feeling forgotten. Wanderlei and his team are trying to keep their spirits up, despite being winless half way through the competiton.

At the fight announcement, Vitor chooses, Hugo Wolverine to face off against Marcos Vinicius.

Hugo discusses his childhood, his day job, and his family, who fully support him.

Marcos describes a life in the slums, and how his spirituality and belief in giving back to the community, have got him to where he is now.

Following more awkwardly hilarious product placements, we head to the weigh-ins, and both men make 145 pounds.

Fight day is here, and rather quickly, it seems it’s time for the bout.

The two come out quick, but it’s apparent in the first round that Hugo is the better striker. Throughout the first, Wolverine picks apart and drops his Team Wanderlei foe. As the round came to a close, Hugo scores a takedown, and solidifies the 10-9 score he was well on his way to getting.

In the second round, Vina finally has some offense, taking his gassing opponent down, but it’s not long before Hugo gets back to his feet. While both men are landing very little, Hugo is getting the better of the exchanges. A relatively slow second ends with little excitement.

In the end, the judges give it to Team Vitor’s Hugo Wolverine with scores of 20-18 across the board.

Vitor is again very happy, and of course, as with every week, Wanderlei is disappointed. Vitor eyes a clean sweep.

Next week, featherweights Gasparzinho and Rony Jason meet in the final 145 pound quarterfinal bout. The two are friends, former roommates, and training partners. It’s tough, but they know that it must be done.

Lyoto Machida shows up out of nowhere, and tells the fighters to make the best of their time in the sport.

Will Team Wanderlei EVER win? I guess we’ll find out in seven days.