Hey if you look really hard at the beginning of this new Expendables 2 trailer, you might see Randy Couture. I think… maybe… actually I’m not really sure, but we’ll pretend it’s him flying down the zipline to give this post some sort of MMA connection so no one pulls out the “this isn’t MMA, why did you post this??!?!?!” comment I love so much.

Anyhoot, the trailer also features other cool stuff like Arnold Schwarzenegger ripping off a car door with one arm (…seriously lol), Bruce Willis being Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris being a badass (!) and plenty of cheesy one-liners like Statham’s “I now pronounce you husband and knife” and Arnold’s “I’m back!” Oh, and if you’ve ever wanted to see Frank Dux nail Rocky Balboa with one of his flying, spinning, split kicks, that’s in there too. Van Damme vs. Stallone = AWESOME!!!

Video via IGN