We start off with the typical locker rooms of both the winner – Chris Saunders of Team Urijah Faber – and loser – Sam Sicilia of Team Dominick Cruz – from the week before.

This week is the final opening round fight, with Mike Rio taking on Andy Ogle. It also features the Coaches Challenge, always an interesting segment to the show.

Up first is the challenge, with it involving the United States Marine Corps. There will be four shooting stations for Faber and Cruz, who will also have to climb a rope and ring a bell before dropping down and heading to the first station. They have to hit five targets with an M-9 pistol. This should be interesting.

After that, the second station features flipping tires, with an M-4 rifle to be used from more targets. The third station is a training dummy zig-zag and another rifle, while the final is an M-32 grenade launcher.

Cruz dominates the first two stations, but slows down at the third. Faber catches him and takes over the challenge. At the final station, Faber hits the first target, followed by Cruz. Faber, however, clears it and wins $20,000 for himself and $1,500 for each team member. Not a bad chunk of change for a days work.

Training recaps of both Ogle and Rio, but I can’t get over the challenge. Wow, is really all I have to say, That was one of the most interesting challenges not involving Michael Bisping falling on his bum.

Rio and Ogle weigh-in, with Rio hitting the mark at 156 and Ogle at 155. We are official.

Neither fighter really makes a first move, as both seem to be more interested in feeling each other out. Ogle goes on the offense first, landing several punches to Rio. More squaring up and not a lot of action, unlike last week.

Round two and the pair trade punches to start off. Rio scores with a takedown, but Ogle goes for the submission. Ogle’s unable to lock in the submission, though, and Rio takes the back and puts in the hooks. Ogle shows some skills by switching things up and taking top position, landing shots to the head and going into side control. Ogle goes for a rear-naked choke, locks it in and scores the submission victory.

Andy Ogle defeats Mike Rio via submission (rear-naked choke) in round two.

Ross Pearson, for those wondering, is at the fight despite his recent DUI arrest.

UFC president Dana White, via video, announces two quarterfinal round fights for next week, with James Vick taking on Joe Proctor and Justin Lawrence meeting Michael Chiesa.