The episode begins with the fight that was announced last week, being officially announced, as Rony Jason takes on close friend Gasparzinho.

Gasparzinho discusses his troubled past, family issues, and how much of his youth he lost. He reflects on his training, and how he’s now going in the right direction in life.

Jason discusses his potential law career that he left behind to become a fighter. He also talks about his brother, a recovering drug addict, and expresses his desire to be a UFC champion.

The teams dwell on the upcoming bout and question Vitor’s reasoning for making what some consider to be an absurd selection.

We move onto the weigh-ins, and it’s relatively uneventful, as both men make weight.

Vitor talks to his team, and believes they can get a clean sweep at the rate they’re going at.

Werdum, always the prankster, helps Team Wanderlei vandalize a picture of Vitor at the gym, but that doesn’t phase Belfort at all. His team, however, are irked by the action.

Vitor tells his team that Dana White has given him the opportunity to replace unmotivated fighters. It appears as this is all a clever ploy by Vitor, but he gets his team to explain why they deserve to be there, and they train harder than ever.

Team Wanderlei desperately needs a win, and they know it.

Lyoto Machida makes an appearance to talk to both Jason and Gasparzinho, and although they’re not happy about it, it’s time for them to fight.

Gasparzinho quickly throws an overhand right, and follows up with a flying knee, Jason falls to the mat, but slips on an armbar on the ground, and it is tight. Mario Yamasaki steps in, as Gasparzinho is very clearly injured. Wanderlei’s team finally gets a win.

It’s hardly time for celebration though, as Wanderlei is mad as hell at Vitor for making the fight pick in the opening round. Vitor says it’s a competition, and that’s how it goes, but Wanderlei does not agree. There is a very serious argument, and it nearly comes to blows.

Rony Jason celebrates jubilantly, while Gasparzinho is disappointed, but doesn’t blame his friend.

Next week, Team Wanderlei is in charge, and things are about to get real interesting.