This week’s episode starts with the heated argument between Vitor and Wanderlei that took place last week, but it’s time to look forward.

It’s time for the fight announcement, and Wanderlei finally gets to make his first pick, but not before Wanderlei gets some jabs in and explains why he thinks it’s ridiculous for friends to fight each other.

Wanderlei announces Massaranduba will take on Thiago Bodao, a very evenly matched fight.

Bodao talks about his fight with cancer, and how inspirational his mother is to him for raising a family on her own. Bodao told his wife they’d have a child if he made it to the semifinals, so his potental family hangs in the balance as well.

Massaranduba is a favorite amongst his team. He discusses his early life where he worked on farms. He talks about his brothers and nieces, and how his family keeps him grounded.

Team Vitor mocks Wanderlei back at the house, and the opposing team is trying to sleep. This makes Team Vitor even louder.

We get on to fight day.

Through the first round, Bodao works some kicks, but Massaranduba holds his own. Massaranduba tries for a takedown or two, but has no luck. He pulls guard, but he can’t keep the action on the mat. It’s a close round with no clear winner.

In the second round, Bodao starts to pull away as the aggressor. Massaranduba tries for another takedown, but finds himself eating shots to the body and knees. Bodao ends up on top when the bout hits the ground, and nearly gets in mount. Bodao takes the round easily.

The referee announces that this fight is going to the sudden victory round, but Massaranduba is too beat up, and just can’t continue, and it’s all over.

Team Vitor picks up another win with just one quarterfinal fight left to go.

Bodao is ready to make a baby with his wife.

Massaranduba is upset, but he promises he’ll train harder and get better.

The episode ends with Team Vitor celebrating.