I hope you all had an awesome breakfast, if not, let my words be the bacon and eggs that start your day. We’re just a few hours away from one badass fight card, as a bunch of guys you’ve heard of are going to punch each other in the face on FUEL TV. I’m not the talkative time, so let’s get right down to business here. Oh, and you can watch the violence tonight at 8pm ET on FUEL TV in the U.S., or Rogers Sportsnet in Canada.

Tom Lawlor vs. Jason MacDonald

I hate MMA shirts. Aside from the odd clever one, and pretty much all of MiddleEasy’s tees, I have stayed as far away as possible from MMA clothing. That said, the first MMA shirt I ever bought was a “Lawlormania” shirt, so it kind of goes without saying that I’m a fan of “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. While he may not be even close to being considered near the top of the division, Lawlor is a solid dude, with solid chops, and excellent wrestling. His opponent, my fellow Canadian, Jason MacDonald is in the twilight of his career. The submission specialist has made no secret of his desire to end his career at UFC 149, and a win here would certainly aid him in his quest to end it all in Calgary. Jason MacDonald has more tools to win this fight, easily. His submissions skills can give anyone problems, and Tom hasn’t exactly faired well when his neck is trapped. That said, I think Tom uses his wresting to grind out a gritty decision over “The Athlete”.

Fabio Maldonado vs. Igor Pokrajac

Oh Fabio, y u no live up to potential? Maldonado is really a fantastic fighter, but he just seems to give fights away at times, and, that can be frustrating. He has some great striking, and man can that dude work the body in a violent way. Igor Pokrajac is a solid fighter himself. I didn’t give him much of a chance against K-Sos, and he made me look silly. If Maldonado doesn’t gas, and he probably will, he should be able to win, if he does, well, then it’s questionable, but, I think he’ll be fine.

Jeff Hougland vs. Yves Jabouin

Things in the 135 pound division are getting interesting. With Dominick Cruz out of action, likely for the rest of 2012, and an interim champion soon to be crowned, Yves Jabouin undoubtedly is eyeing a shot at the title in the future. With his third straight win, he could make a case for a top 10 opponent. The veteran has the experience and skills to take this fight. His opponent, Jeff Hougland, isn’t a world beater by any means, but let’s not be silly, Hougland is a legit threat. With nine straight wins, he’s another fighter who is looking to make a case for a shot at the belt. For one man, the hopes of making a splash in the division is going to end, and I believe when it comes to sinking or swimming, Yves Jabouin will be leaving Jeff Hougland out at sea to drown.

Jeremy Stephens vs. Donald Cerrone

Goddamn this fight is amazing. Following his piss-poor performance against Nate Diaz, Donald Cerrone is out for blood and ready to build a win streak and make his case for a shot at the lightweight belt. I don’t really need to explain “Cowboy” to anyone, he just likes fighting. His opponent, Stephens, has been a ZUFFA employee for a long, long time. The hard-headed and hard-handed Stephens certainly enjoys kicking some ass himself, and fans will certainly be treated to one hell of a brawl. In the end though, it will be Cerrone who beats Stephens to the punch again and again, and Jeremy Stephens’ face will be turned to mash.

Amir Sadollah vs. Jorge Lopez

Baboo Baby. Amir Sadollah is back after a disappointing showing or two, the TUF winner has done fairly well for himself in arguably the toughest division in the sport, and where he has fallen short, he’s been able to improve. Jorge Lopez is Wanderlei’s protege, which says something, I guess, but he hasn’t really impressed me in any way. I don’t like to take away from any fighter, so I won’t, Amir is going to win a decision.

Chan Sung Jung vs. Dustin Poirier

When this fight was announced, I laughed at the one-sidedness of it. After a couple of months of consideration, I’m still laughing. Dustin Poirier is a future title challenger, a hot prospect, and arguably one of the best 145 pound fighters in the UFC. “The Korean Zombie” is a fan favorite, but let’s not get crazy here, he’s not by any means, a “great” fighter. He knocked out Hominick, which shocked many, yes, but lucky punches happen, and Hominick is fairly easy to knock down, apparently (maybe a Jose Aldo sized ass-kicking does that to a man). Let’s not forget that that Jung was slept by George Roop. I think “Diamond” does the same to him, whether it be with his fists, or with a submission, it’s not going to be pretty.

Anyway, my job is done, and now it’s your turn. Consider this your official offer letter. Your duties include telling me how you feel about my picks, and what your picks are for tonight’s event, you can start.. now.

Enjoy the fights.