The episode begins with the obvious fight announcement, as the only two remaining quarterfinalists, Pe De Chumbo and Serigo Moraes are scheduled to fight. Both coaches think this should be a great ground battle.

Pe De Chumbo discusses his childhood, foraging for food so his family could eat. Being one of eight children, he chose to go the path of martial arts, rather than a rebellious one, to ease the strain on his mother. He fights now for his girlfriend, who has helped him get to where he is.

Moraes talks about being poor, and seeing many of his friends die as a result of drugs and violence. He discusses his strong work ethic and his social work project that benefits children.

Generic awkward energy drink placement.

Anderson Silva arrives at the TUF gym, and he joins Team Wanderlei. He calls Vitor a coward and ensures Wanderlei’s team that they need to keep the pressure on. He is given a Team Wanderlei shirt.

The team is amazed by Anderson’s stand-up skills, especially Macarrao, who idolizes him. Anderson has some fun with him, pretending to be dazed by his striking.

Anderson has one more thing to do before he leaves, and that’s help deface the picture of Vitor that hangs in the gym. Real bad blood there.

The weigh-ins go off without a hitch, and it’s fight time.

Moraes throws a front kick that nearly hits Pe De Chumbo, but after that, it’s very tenative as the feeling out process begins. Moraes catches a kick and drags his opponent to the mat. As Pe De Chumbo tries to get to his feet, he gives up his back, almost escapes, gets flattened out, and ends up on the wrong end of a rear naked choke. With this quick win, Vitor’s team takes the quarterfinal fights 7-1.

Wanderlei and Anderson are not happy by the fight result, while Pe De Chumbo is furious. Vitor and Morae celebrate, and rightfully so.

With the teams being so mismatched, it appears as though a fighter switch will take place.

Dana White appears via satellite and tells the coaches that it is so, there will be team changes to even it out. Vitor doesn’t like the idea and tries to stall, but Dana reiterates that MMA is not a team sport. If Vitor doesn’t pick three guys to switch to Wanderlei’s team, Dana will.

Vitor reluctantly picks Thiago Bodao, Sergio Moraes, and Pepey to move to team Wanderlei, Team Vitor gets Marcos Vina, Renee Forte, and Pe De Chumbo. Vitor tearfully says goodbye.

In the back, the new Team Wanderlei are very excited and happy to move forward. Team Vitor is a mess.

Next week, the semifinal bouts are revealed. Will the team shift have a major impact on the competition? Find out in seven days.