MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani caught up with UFC president Dana White to talk about all the hot topics in MMA. A few notes from the interview:

— Dana White confirms he will have surgery in his inner ear for Meniere’s Disease. He says the surgery will throw off his equilibrium and he’ll have to go through rehab, but is confident he will “beat it” and move forward.

— Ariel Helwani brought up a recent comment Dana White made on the UG about his haters being “done with [him]” after the seven-year FOX deal is up. When asked to explain what he meant, Dana said it’s not like the day the deal is up he’s going to retire, but he believes they’ll be able to accomplish everything they’ve set out to do in the next seven years and subtly hinted that retirement is a possibility once they’ve reached their goals.

— When he asked if he has any regrets about his recent video blog where he blasted Dave Meltzer for the FOX ratings story, Dana said he does not believe he was too harsh and alluded to a “war brewing” between the UFC and an entity he would not name. Dana reiterated that he likes Meltzer, but believes he was acting as a “mouthpiece” for the entity when he wrote the story. Dana says not everything is always “as it seems to be” and there’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes that most people don’t know about.

— Dana confirmed it’s a possibility that Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix champion Daniel Cormier could get an immediate title shot in the UFC once he moves over, but Dana would prefer to see Cormier fight at light heavyweight instead.

— Dana didn’t say much about Jon Jones’ DUI other than he’s not involved in it and it’s a “lesson learned” for the champ. He did make it a point to say that Jones is a “good guy” though before he went off on a tangent about Anderson Silva being the number one pound-for-pound fighter, not Jon Jones. He also confirmed that Jones will still defend his title against Dan Henderson at UFC 151.

— Dana believes Nick Diaz received a one-year suspension and hefty fine from the NSAC because it was his second offense, but has “no idea” if it was the right punishment. He’s as disappointed as everyone else that Diaz is out until next year. Bottom line though, smoking marijuana is against the rules so Nick Diaz shouldn’t have been smoking marijuana.

— Dana is still clearly upset with Alistair Overeem because he “f-ing lied” to him, so he has handed that whole situation off to Lorenzo Fertitta to deal with. So yes, as of now at least, Overeem is still with the UFC.