Roy Nelson has nothing to hide. And, that’s why “Big Country” is all for more drug testing in the sport of MMA.

Nelson, who will face Dave Herman at UFC 146 this coming Saturday night, will be trying to get himself back on track after a loss to Fabricio Werdum in his last fight.

The former winner of The Ultimate Fighter told MMA Fighting that he’s ready to run his own pre-fight drug tests if that’s what is needed.

“The sport of MMA leaves a sour taste in your mouth. It pays to cheat. I used to be passive about people that cheat. I might have to do WADA. I may even have to pay myself for testing my next opponent. I mean, I’ll do the blood tests, the whole nine yards. Whoever fights me next will have to random blood tests, and it can even come out of my pocket if the UFC doesn’t want to pay for it. If they don’t want to test, it just shows how corrupt this sport is.”

How do you feel about Nelson’s comments? Does MMA need better testing, especially in the UFC as it tries to become more mainstream?