We begin with the teams having a few tense moments following their shift due to Team Vitor’s domination of the quarterfinal round.

The coaches assure their teams that they will maintain solidarity, and that both teams will prevail. With that said, as previously mentioned, Vina, Forte, and Pe De Chumbo move to Team Vitor, while Bodao, Moraes, and Pepey move to Team Wanderlei.

Next up, the semifinal bouts, as chosen by UFC president Dana White, are announced.

Middleweights Moraes and Sarafian will collide, as will Oliveira and Mutante. In the 145 pound division, Hugo Wolverine will face Rony Jason, and Damm will take on Pepey, which takes place tonight.

Damm is a veteran, and everyone knows what to expect from him, but Pepey has some serious BJJ chops, an interesting match-up awaits.

Back at the house, Damm is crying. He is in pain, severe pain, and he needs to to get looked at by a physician. Upon his return, it is revealed that due to dehydration, he has suffered kidney damage, and will be unable to continue competing. He’s heartbroken, but one man’s pain turns into another’s pleasure, as Marcos Vinicius gets brought back into the competition.

Both men want to fight inside the UFC.

Fast forward, the weigh-ins go off without a hitch, and we find our Burger King and Head and Shoulders shampoo make their guest appearances on the show. Oh product placement, how amusing.

The first semifinal bout gets under way as Pepey takes on Vina. In the first scheduled three round bout of the competition, Pepey scores a nice takedown, and from there, he tries for a kimura, and armbar, but finds himself on his back. Vina rains down some solid ground and pound on his opponent, and Pepey once again attempts a kimura. The two make it back to their feet, and Pepey once again attempts an unorthodox submission attempt, but to no avail. A few more ground sequences take place, and another kimura ends the round.

In the second round, Pepey lands some solid punches, gets to the ground, and pulls guard. Vina is working hard from the top position, but Pepey again goes for that kimura he tried so valiantly to finish in the first. Unable to make it happen, he switches to an armbar, and earns the submission win. What an amazing fight.

Pepey is elated as he becomes the first fighter to advance to the finals and he celebrates. Vini is very sad, suffering his second loss in the competition, and having his reignited hopes dashed.

Before we go, some more product placement takes place, this time, Sky on Demand.

Next week, the second semifinal bout takes place as Moraes takes on Sarafian, and the fan favorite coaches challenge takes place.

See you next week.