Frank Mir gave UFC Central an exclusive interview following the news of his testosterone replacement therapy use prior to facing Junior dos Santos at UFC 148.

Mir was granted a therapeutic use exemption by the Nevada Athletic Commission, and passed all their blood and urine tests.

I believe TRT, if it’s medically founded, I’m not here to sit there and tell someone they can or cannot do something. I think it falls under the same jurisdiction as a bronchial inhaler. If a guy has asthma – now if I were to take a bronchial inhaler, I don’t have asthma, could it help out my conditioning? Probably, from what I understand. But if you need it and you have asthma, you’re allowed to take that, right? Sounds like it falls under the same thing. It’s either all across the board we need to eliminate everything, or realize that if we’re gonna allow medical exemptions, they’re there.

Mir was the fourth fighter allowed TRT through an exemption, with Chael Sonnen to likely become the fifth for his upcoming fight with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Photo credit: Esther Lin/MMA Fighting