Electronic Arts, better known in the gaming world as EA, announced on Monday that they have acquired the rights to produce UFC video games going forward.

The announcement was made by UFC president Dana White during the E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) and confirmed through a press release by the UFC.

“We’d like to thank THQ (previous makers of UFC video games UFC Undisputed) for creating some of the most critically-acclaimed sports video games of this console generation, and we’re excited to enter a new relationship with EA that will help us deepen our connection with fighting fans around the world,” White said. “There’s no one better at creating authentic sports video games than EA SPORTS, and we’re excited to have a partner who shares our vision of deep, connected and multi-platform global game experiences.”

EA SPORTS has helped launch and power the Madden NFL, Tiger Woods, FIFA soccer and many other games to the top of the charts in terms of number of sold copies. THQ released three versions of UFC Undisputed before the fight promotion jumped to EA.

Previously, EA SPORTS produced EA SPORTS MMA, which was headlined by the inclusion of former UFC champion Randy Couture.