This week’s episode begins with the coaches challenge.

The coaches and fighters find themselves on a soccer field. Vitor and wanderlei must score goals on each other from the penalty kick spot, with each having 10 attempts. The winner gets R$45,000, and the winner’s team gets R$2,000 each. Soccer stars Paulo Henrique de Lima and Marcos Roberto Silveira Reis join Vitor and Wanderlei to give them a few pointers.

Wanderlei says he knows nothing about soccer, and it’s evident as they warm-up. Vitor looks on point.

A coin toss is held, and Wanderlei wins it, opting to defend first.

After five shots each, they are tied 3-3. The fighters celebrate each goal by re-enacting flying armbars and unorthodox fighting techniques.

Vitor takes the lead after seven, and after nine shots a piece, Vitor is leading 6-5. With the victory in his sights, Vitor takes his tenth and final shot, which goes in, and he and his team celebrate.

The celebration is short lived however, as it’s nearly time for the semifinal fight between Sergio Moraes and Daniel Sarafian.

Moraes is a BJJ ace, highly regarded as one of the best grapplers in the world, as far as his teammates are concerned.

Sarafian wants to keep the fight on the feet, obviously.

Both men come in on weight and they have a very heated staredown. It’s intense.

On fight day, former middleweight contender Demian Maia visits the fighters, and doesn’t necessarily care for making friends, as he sports a Team Vitor jersey in support of his student, Sarafian.

It’s fight time.

In the first round, Sarafian stays at range and tries to avoid having the ground go to the mat. Moraes doesn’t oblige, and easily takes his opponent down, but he’s having trouble keeping Moraes down. On the feet, Sarafian seems a little hesitant to get too close to Moraes, perhaps wary of being put on his back. Moraes attempts a takedown, is unable to complete it, and eats a flying knee on the way out. Moraes is out, but Sarafian lands a few hammerfists to put the nail in the coffin. Best finish of the season thus far.

Moraes awakens, and breaks down into tears, as do his teammates.

Moraes is all class, as he attends Sarafian’s photograph ceremony, as he’s the next finalist in the competition.

Everyone believes Sarafian can wing the whole thing, but Moraes isn’t giving up hope for a future run in the UFC.

Back at the house, it’s time to get drunk.

Gasparzinho is up to his usual pranks, but Wanderlei’s team isn’t playing around this time, they know he’s afraid of being constrained, so they opt to tie him to a chair. Gasparzinho can dish it out, but he can’t take it, and is visibly upset. Things almost come to blows, but thankfully, it doesn’t get that far. Perhaps it’s a reality check for the prankster.

Next week, Rony Jason takes on Hugo Wolverine fight to determine who faces Pepey in the finals.

Check back next week as TUF Brazil nears its end.