“Uncle Creepy” will get another chance to earn a spot in the finals of the UFC flyweight tournament when he takes on Demetrious Johnson Friday night at UFC on FX: Johnson vs. McCall.

Ian McCall, who many know for his nickname as much as his skill set, and Johnson fought to what was eventually ruled a draw earlier this year. A scoring error took the win away from “Mighty Mouse” and left Joseph Benavidez to sit and await an opponent.

McCall recently gave MMAInterviews.TV an in-depth interview where he talked about his career and why he fights.

“I come from a very strict Muay Thai gym, where I get beat up by kickboxing all the time by real kickboxers – not MMA kickboxers,” McCall said. “I obviously see myself as a much superior fighter to anybody here, but I need to prove my worth.”

The 27-year-old made a name for himself by rolling though several opponents in Tachi Palace Fights, including Darrell Montague, Dustin Ortiz and Jussier da Silva. His fight with Johnson should have went to a sudden victory round, but the scoring error was not made known until after the fight was announced.

“I want to keep (the fight) up,” McCall said. “I want to catch you coming in, pick you up and hurt you with an elbow. I think people are really going to appreciate the way I fight.”

Photo credit: Tracy Lee/CombatLifestyle.com