With less than two hours to go before fight time, let’s take a super rushed look at tonight’s card.

Sean Pierson vs. Jake Hecht:

In a fight that could very well determine the employment status of one of these men’s Facebook page, the Canadian, Pierson, looks to rebound from two pretty huge losses as he takes on Hecht. Hecht has some good wrestling skills, and he shouldn’t be afraid to use them, but, I don’t expect he’ll have too much success bringing Sean Pierson to the ground. Look for the Canadian, who holds the superior striking acumen, to put some leather on Hecht early and get the finish.

Bernardo Magalhaes vs. Henry Martinez:

Bernardo Magalhaes had a lot of hype coming into his UFC debut, and unfortunately for him, he just didn’t live up to it. Looking to rebound from an unsuccessful start to his ZUFFA career, he faces the ever so ballsy Martinez, who jumped up weight classes to face Matt Riddle not too long ago, and even managed to hold his own, despite being defeated. Magalhaes is very much a one-dimensional fighter, and I expect Greg Jackson to have drilled Martinez on how to expose that. He will do so without issue and score a unanimous decision victory.

Caio Magalhaes vs. Buddy Roberts:

After having his UFC balls turned blue following a near debut against Sean Loeffler, Roberts makes his debut against another promotional newcomer. Caio Magalhaes is a Shooto champion, a solid grappler, and has some serious potential. I feel as Roberts will use his striking and wrestling prowess to avoid finding himself in a bad position, and he’ll take a decision win.

Tim Means vs. Justin Salas:

I was pretty high on Justin Salas when he made his debut, as he took home a decision against Anton Kuivanen. Salas has a good winning streak behind him, and looks to continue his dominance tonight. In Tim Means, he faces a vicious striker with a significant height and reach advantage. I feel as if Salas will have a hard time getting Means down, and the range of the former King of the Cage champ will guide him to a late stoppage victory.

Jared Papazian vs. Dustin Pague:

Remember that Papazian vs Easton fight? Damn that fight rocked. A solid striker with a chin like Papazian’s can go a long way in the bantamweight division. Dustin Pague hasn’t had such a great time in the UFC. Looking at his terrible performance back in December, it’s hard to see where he fits in within the 135 division. Papazian takes this fight via unanimous decision, if not by a late stoppage.

Leonard Garcia vs. Matt Grice:

Leonard Garcia is basically a ridiculous MMA meme. Between his windmill brawling style, that generates enough electricity to supply a small town, and his propensity for getting punched in the head. Matt Grice has hit some hard luck situations. Grice isn’t necessarily a good fighter, but he is more technically sound than Garcia. Then again, who isn’t? I think Garcia’s ridiculous pace will be too much for Grice, and Garcia takes home a decision.

Seth Baczynski vs. Lance Benoist:

Can Seth Baczynski be the first man to be Lance Benoist? Absolutely he can. Will he? Also yes. Benoist is a solid finisher, who has shown that he can go the distance if needed. Having said that, Baczynski is huge, more skilled, and, emotional and mental issues aside, is just a better fighter. Look for him to wear Benoist down, and likely get a late submission.

Mike Pierce vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha:

Mike Pierce seems to hate Brazilians. He wants to face any and all of them, as he declares them to be easy competition. Sadly, in terms of Mike Pierce’s skillset, I can’t really disagree. Pierce will use his wrestling to take down Rocha with ease and his boxing will keep him at range on the feet. Not much else to say here. Unanimous decision.

Eddie Wineland vs. Scott Jorgensen:

It could be said that people are underestimating Eddie Wineland. The former WEC champion may not have fared well in his last two bouts, but that should hardly be an indication of his skills or trajectory inside the octagon. Unfortunately for him, Jorgensen is not an easy fight for anyone. Jorgensen will likely his his wrestling to hold Wineland down, and although I hardly expect any sort of stoppage, I think it could be a dominant decision win for the dude with the wacky hair.

Josh Neer vs. Mike Pyle:

This is perhaps one of the closest fights on the card. Neer is tough, violent, yet seems to fold when things get scary. Pyle starts fast, but is super flaky and tends to fade fast. It’s an odd style clash, and where each man falters, the other excels. Pyle has to avoid the elbows, but will he? Nope. Neer continues his surprising UFC winning streak.

Erick Silva vs. Charlie Brenneman:

Erick Silva is a damn good fighter. He could very well be one of the future players in the welterweight division. That said, this fight could determine whether he’s all hype or if he’s a legit threat. Brenneman is a solid wrestler, who tends to derail hype trains. This fight has two possible outcomes: a quick knockout for Silva, or a long drawn out decision for Brenneman. I’m leaning towards the latter, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it was the former.

Ian McCall vs. Demetrious Johnson:

We were robbed of a much needed fourth round in the first fight, so I’m pretty damn happy that we’re getting another full three (or four) rounds here. I expect this fight to start close, but much like the previous fight, expect “Uncle Creepy” to pull away, and with his considerable confidence boost, maybe even finish his Mighty Mouse. My money is on a unanimous decision for the mustachioed one.

Fights start at 5pm ET on Facebook, 6pm ET on FUEL TV, and 9pm ET on FX. Enjoy the fights!

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