Although the preliminary card looked like regional MMA at its finest, yesterday’s UFC on FX 3 card delivered in a big way. Featuring a main card that featured some ridiculously awesome finishes, and a fantastic, fast-paced main event, it wasn’t such a bad way to spend a Friday night. We always need to move forward though, so let’s look at what’s next for the fighters from last night’s card.

-Demetrious Johnson looked like Demetrious Johnson out there, and despite facing adversity, he clearly was able to take the first and third rounds in his rematch with Ian McCall. It’s not hard for me to predict what’s next for “Mighty Mouse”, a beating at the hands of soon to be #1 flyweight in the world, Joseph Benavidez.

-Ian McCall looked slightly off last night, but everybody has a bad night, and you can’t fault Ian for his performance. The mustaschioed fighter will move forward, and likely in a big way. As I believe Sean Shelby had decided long ago, the winners in the tournament face each other, and the losers do as well, Yasuhiro Urushitani is next for Ian.

-Damn Erick Silva, you looked as bad as almost everyone expected you would. I kind of thought Silva would become the victim of a wrestling heavy decision, but he persevered and beat “The Spaniard” down, big time. I say we get back to the violence and put him against his original UFC 142 opponent, Siyar Bahadurzada.

-Mike Pyle showed that old man strength is a thing. Or perhaps it was Neer’s paper chin? Whichever it was, Pyle showed excellent defense, as always, and his striking is still pretty manly. If you like violence as much as I do, why not match Pyle up against Dan Hardy. If you want an interesting match-up, go with Amir Sadollah.

-Eddie Wineland shocked the hell out of me when he sent Scott Jorgensen to another dimension with his space fists. Something feels really good about typing Eddie Wineland vs. Brad Pickett.

-Honorable mentions go to Mike Pierce, who looked every bit as Mike Pierce as he ever has, Matt Grice, who handed Leonard Garcia what very well should be his tenth straight loss, and Tim Means, who brought the violence without any sort of reprieve.

What are your thoughts? Fights you’d make? Hit me up in the comments below, and enjoy your weekend, there’s a whole day and a half left.

Photo credit: Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports