We’re nearly at the end of this long crazy road known as TUF Brazil, and with just a few episodes left, it’s time for a recap of tonight’s episode.

We begin with a look at the next semifinal bout, as Rony Jason takes on Hugo Wolverine.

Rony is a favorite of his coaches and teammates, both as a person, and as a fighter. Wanderlei reveals that Rony lives in his home, as he has no place of his own.

Wolverine is confident going into this fight. He has faith in his boxing, and believe his heart is the key to victory.

We head to the TUF Brazil gym, and the Nogueira brothers are visiting. Both men are wearing Team Vitor jerseys, despite their allegiance to training partner Rony. He doesn’t mind, and Wanderlei presents them with his jersey as well.

The weigh-ins go down without a hitch, and everyone is very excited for this bout.

Before the bout, another familiar face enters the house, this time, it’s Shogun. Many of the competitors idolize him, and he has some encouraging words for many of them. A great scene.

And now it’s fight time.

In the first round, the fighters start off tentatively, and Jason does his best to keep his foe at range. Both fighters exchange knees, but fail to land anything significant. The fight is nearly stopped due to a cut, on Jason, but he urges the officials to let him press on, and they oblige. He gets more aggressive, and the round ends with the two men exchanging powerful blows.

The second round is much of the same at the start, but Jason starts to push forward to land shots on Wolverine, who defends well. Wolverine starts to headhunt, which plays right into Jason’s hands, as he pulls away.

The third round is much of the same, but Wolverine really needs to make something happen, as he’s giving the fight away. He starts to get more busy inside the octagon, but Jason is still landing the more damaging strikes. Nearly the final horn, Jason shoots in and scores a takedown, but is unable to capitalize.

It seems pretty clear-cut, and the judges agree. Rony Jason wins a unanimous decision, and books his ticket to UFC 147, where he will face Godofredo Pepey.

Wolverine is hurt by his loss, but everyone is very supportive of him, and it seems he will be able to persevere.

Join us next week for..

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Join us next week for the final episode, as the 4th TUF Brazil finalist is determined, and we can get down to business.