UFC president Dana White was on his usual insightful self during a recent kickoff press conference for UFC 150 earlier this week.

White offered up his thoughts on a number of subjects when asked by reporters, including a possible future World Cup of The Ultimate Fighter, the use of technology in combat sports, and if Zuffa is planning on purchasing any further promotions.

The UFC is currently working on the next international season of The Ultimate Fighter, which will pit Australia against the United Kingdom. With a Brazilian version of the show currently airing on FUEL TV, the UFC is looking to put together a country vs. country tournament down the road.

“That’s my long-term goal,” White said. “We’ve been working towards that. As we continue (to do more seasons), we will try to line it up so that they all start at the same time, with the winners facing each other, almost like a World Cup of TUF. That’s the long-term goal.”

White continued to push for the use of instant replay in fights, saying, “all other sports, everyone has used technology to make the sport better, except for combat sports.” The brash boss went off last weekend after the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley decision in boxing. He added, “(bad decisions) happen every week in the UFC. It affects records, it affected place in history; it’s a big deal and needs to be fixed.”

After taking over Strikeforce and the WEC in the recent years, White said the UFC is, “done buying companies.” Instead, they will focus on building up rosters through The Ultimate Fighter series.