With 48 hours to go before the UFC returns to Brazil for UFC 147, officials are not wasting in any time in announcing their next trip to the South American country.

Marshall Zelaznik, the UFC’s managing director of international development, announced today during the UFC 147 pre-fight press conference that the promotion intends to make one more trip to Brazil before year’s end.

“The growth of the UFC here is based on the foundation of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and a real foundation for this sport in this country. The icons, the Brazilian fighters, and the champions, have put the UFC in a great position for success,” said Zelaznik.

Marshall declined to give his thoughts on what fights would take place on the card, but with Jose Aldo’s return being targeted for the same month, one could speculate that the featherweight title could be on the line.

UFC 153, which takes place in October, is expected to serve as the next fight card grace the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro,