They’re probably willing to try just about anything to bring the ratings up.

After a low-rated season of TUF, which prompted officials to drop the live format in favor of going back to their pre-taped version of the show, officials have also dropped the tryouts from the long-running reality show.

Typically, the UFC held auditions for the fighters who had hoped to be a part of the show. The fighters would come out to various locations across the country and show off their striking and grappling skills to a panel of judges, that included Dana White, Joe Silva, and television producers. Those who were accepted would then fly out to Las Vegas for the next step in the process.

For this upcoming season, UFC and FOX officials have opted to contact potential contestants, fly them come out to Las Vegas, and interview them directly, one-on-one, without seeing how their skills match up.

The 16th season of TUF starts later this year, and will feature welterweights. Coaches have yet to be chosen, but are likely to be announced soon.