I need not explain why we’re all here, just sit down and read the words on your screen.

Hacran Dias vs Yuri Alcantara

To open up the main card is a potential fight of the night candidate, as two fighters who have undoubtedly hit their primes meet in what could be an absolute war. Between Shooto, the WEC, and the UFC, these two men have been on an absolute tear, and it makes sense that they collide in Brazil. Look for Alacantara to use his better work rate to likely frustrate Dias, but keep in mind, neither man will quit. I expect 15 minutes of fun, with Alcantara doing enough to take home a split decision.

Rony Mariano Bezerra vs Godofredo de Oliveira

In a bout that determines the first TUF Brazil champion, Rony Jason is a clear favorite. Despite Pepey being undefeated, and having a solid ground game, these fights start on the feet, and Rony isn’t an easy guy to take down. Expect quick and painful violence as Rony picks up a TKO win, a fat UFC contract, and a pretty little statue.

Cezar “Mutante” Ferreira vs Sergio Moraes

Sergio Moraes is filling in for an injured Daniel Sarafian, who would have ran through no matter who he was put up against, so with this bout, we can expect a more competitive fight. Not that much more though. Cezar “Mutante” is going to win, and much like the fight right before this, in quick and painful fashion. Another TKO, another contract, another statue.

Fabricio Werdum vs Mike Russow

Everybody’s gotta lose sometime, right? Mike Russow is facing some tough odds tonight, as he takes on the Fedor-Slayer, Fabricio Werdum. Werdum has really found his stride as of late on the feet, and I don’t need to say a word about his grappling. Russow has survived a lot of scary moments in the octagon, and whether it be heart, determination, or just luck, he has put together a very impressive winning streak. It ends tonight. Werdum will survive anything Russow has to offer him, and will submit him.

Rich Franklin vs Wanderlei Silva

I can’t do it. I can’t follow my heart in this fight. I want SO BAD for Wanderlei to win, as I know he was going to trampled by Vitor, and this fight is an easier fight, but it doesn’t matter. My brain says Rich Franklin wins yet again, and here’s why: he’s better. I expect a decision, or a depressing, heartbreaking knockout, but either way, Wandy is losing this fight. Franklin has the better tools to win, and despite the layoff, he’s smart enough to implement whatever gameplan he has. Let’s not forget that “Ace” was already training to face a deadly striker when this bout came along, so he’s more than prepared. Rich wins yet again at Franklinweight.

Before you go complaining about injuries and the quality of the card, let me remind you, this card is designed, and has been since its inception, to be targeted to the Brazilian audience. If you don’t order it, that’s fine, but you’ll be missing out on one hell of a card.

Let me know what you think below.

And most importantly, enjoy the fights!