UFC president Dana White wasted little time continuing to display his displeasure with judges in MMA, as he told the UFC on FUEL TV post-fight show that he was none-to-pleased by what went down at UFC 147: Silva vs. Franklin II.

In the main event Rich Franklin overcame a second round onslaught by Wanderlei Silva to score a decision victory. While White was pleased that the referee allowed “Ace” to battle through the attack, he still had questions for the judges in the end.

“I think the ref did a great job at not stopping the fight. Obviously, he was able to keep going,” White said. “I have to go back to the judging. They had a draw in an earlier fight and they didn’t have a draw for Wanderlei vs. Rich. I am in a bad mood (Saturday) because I am tired of stupid little things that are happening.”

The brash boss of the Octagon continued to push for former fighters to become referees and judges in the sport, adding, “I think we are going to see more of it. It is going to be a problem for a while until the athletic commissions start working on it. They need to review tapes with the refs and show these guys what they did wrong when they make a wrong call.”

Many wondered if Saturday’s Brazilian show could be the end for Silva, a former Pride champion who has stumbled since entering the UFC. White was unsure at the moment on if “The Axe Murderer” would compete again.

“Wanderlei almost won that fight,” White said. “It is tough to say. He has been honest and great and he is going to be with the UFC for a long time whether he is fighting or not.”

White also added that Silva would need be getting his rematch with Vitor Belfort in the near future. Belfort was forced out of the planned fight after the two were coaches on The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil due to a hand injury.

When talk turned to the upcoming Anderson Silva-Chael Sonnen battle at UFC 148, White was a little more happy to discuss that subject.

“I just like that fight and I am excited for it,” White said. “It is going to be the biggest fight of the year, the biggest sporting event of the year. Who is going to win? I never predict. You just don’t know.”

Photo credit: Twitter/DanaWhite