Showtime sports general manager Stephen Espinoza believes the UFC on Showtime would make for a perfect arrangement. During a recent interview with FightHub TV, Espinoza discussed that becoming a possibility down the road.

“I think that would be a problem contractually, now. However, in the long run, I wouldn’t say that’s outside the realm of possibility. I would hope that Zuffa would say that it was a positive enough experience that it might be a possibility, and I’d be happy to consider it, as well.”

Espinoza is new to the job, but say he has had great meetings with UFC brass since taking over, adding, “my goal is to maximize our programming and make it as good as possible.”

Discussion around cross-promotion matches between the UFC and Strikeforce was brought up, with Espinoza saying, “anything is possible. I would love to see it.” He added that there are complicating factors, but, “it would be a dream for the fans.”

Photo credit: Esther Lin/STRIKEFORCE