Alistair Overeem finally broke his silence by appearing on UFC Tonight recently, discussing his fight license suspension and withdraw from a bout with Junior dos Santos for the UFC heavyweight title earlier this year.

Overeem came under fire when his surprise drug test came back positive. He tried to explain his situation to the Nevada Athletic Commission, but wound up being denied his fight license. That meant he could not re-apply until December, essentially giving him a suspension.

The spike was due to medication that I received from a licensed doctor to help my injury. I did it. I took responsibility and stepped away from the title fight. And now, I am doing random testing with the commission to prove I am a legit fighter.

Overeem has held the heavyweight title in several promotions, including Strikeforce. He believes that he should remain the No. 1 contender when he returns, but knows the ultimate decision lays with the UFC.

Of course I think I deserve that. In my mind, I think I’m (the) No. 1 (contender). But the gentlemen of the UFC are going to brainstorm that. It’s not for me to decide.

Overeem can seek out his license in December, and has said he plans on trying to get on the annual New Year’s card the UFC holds.

Photo credit: Esther Lin/MMA Fighting