Chael Sonnen’s fine with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva saying he is going to break his arms, legs and face when the two collide at UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen 2.

In fact, Sonnen actually encouraged Silva to try those things, as he told ESPN recently.

“I’ve fought 49 men, all professionals. He acts like I’ve never had a jaw set before. He acts like I’ve never had my head stapled shut in an emergency room before,” Sonnen said. “Who gives a damn? He can do all those things. We’ll be in the middle of a cage stupid; I’d expect you to do those things.”

Silva was not his usual respectful and laid back self during a recent conference call, igniting a sense of a different “Spider” preparing to launch his attack next month.

As far as Sonnen is thinking, however, this is the Anderson Silva he has always talked about.

“Anderson’s a (jerk) and he always has been,” Sonnen said. “And it came out (Monday); that was nice to see.”