Chael Sonnen seems to have a case of split-personality.

When it comes to interviews, you never really know which Sonnen you are going to get.

Will it be the Sonnen that shows respect for his fellow fighters, or will the Sonnen that takes several shots at his fellow athletes be the one to appear?

Heck, you could even get the Sonnen that fires back at you for discussing his past.

Well, during a recent interview with, the old Chael P. Sonnen returned, just days from facing UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 148.

Sonnen was asked about Brazilian fighters Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva, to people that he has spent countless times discussing.

Vitor Belfort pulls out of more fights than he agrees to; he’s fantastic. He’s such a chicken and he’s such a liar. To say you’re going to fight, to sell tickets, to sign your name, to film the TV show, and then to pull out? Against an invalid? That’s insane.

Belfort and Silva were coaches on The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil. A hand injury suffered in training knocked “The Phenom” from the planned bout.

Later during the interview, Sonnen did show Belfort and Silva a sign of respect, in his own way.

My opinion of Wanderlei is constantly evolving because as atrocious as he is skills-wise, he shows up and fights. He goes hard in spite of the lack of talent and gives the fans his best. Vitor’s a dork, but he’s a tough fighter, man. I really think he’s an excellent fighter.

It remains to be seen if Belfort or Wanderlei ever see Sonnen inside the Octagon, but Anderson Silva certainly will this Saturday night.

Photo credit: Tracy Lee/Yahoo! Sports