Well, after a brief hiatus, the typical Chael Sonnen quote-machine has returned.

During the UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen 2 pre-fight press conference on Tuesday, Sonnen launched several interesting tirades towards his opponent Saturday night, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Below are some of the more notable quotes that came out of the mouth of Mr. Sonnen:

– “I fight like Jon Jones, make songs like Sean Combs and I have trombone size stones like John Holmes.”

– In regards to Silva’s recent outburst, Sonnen said, “If you knew your funeral was coming up, you’d have some parting words as well.”

– Sonnen also went after translator and Silva’s manager, Ed Soares. Soares was translating questions from the media and Silva’s answers, which provoked Sonnen to interrupt and ask, “Why are you asking questions in English? Anderson its here like he doesn’t understand you. First off, he speaks English. We could replace Ed Soares with an app I could download for $9.99.”

– “His record speaks for himself. He’s been a durable fighter, he’s the champion, but I am the best; there can be only one,” said Sonnen, when asked about the career of his opponent.

– And finally, Sonnen ripped off this comment towards former Silva opponent, Vitor Belfort. “(Silva) tried to talk down to me like I’m Vitor Belfort.”

Photo credit: Tracy Lee/Yahoo! Sports