Former Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem almost ruined his MMA career with a failed drug test earlier this year.

The test caused Overeem to be denied his fight license by the Nevada Athletic Commission. That canceled a planned main event with Junior dos Santos for the UFC heavyweight title, and upset UFC president Dana White.

While the first matter was not good for Overeem, making your boss – especially one as hot-tempered as White – unhappy isn’t a good thing for your career.

However, White confirmed with MMA Weekly that Overeem is slowly working himself back into the good graces of the boss.

Alistair did meet with me. I liked the meeting, liked what he had to say, and I like the fact that he came in town, he came in the thing he walked in, I saw him walk in he was meeting with Lorenzo (Fertitta), I (expletive) walked in my office and shut the door. he went downstairs and waited for 40 minutes until I called him upstairs and then came in my office like a man and nothing but respect for Alistair now.

White was very critical in the days following the news of the failed drug test, as Overeem had promised him he could pass any test at any time. It is still several months until Overeem can re-seek his fight license, but it appears as if he has a fighting future in the UFC going forward.

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