Chael Sonnen put all his effort into trying to claim the UFC middleweight title from Anderson Silva.

After falling for a second time, it appears that Sonnen could be given serious thought to a move to a new weight class.

“There are some great guys at 185, but traditionally and historically, it is a good way to get a fresh start and start over,” said Sonnen, while appearing on UFC Tonight.

Sonnen went on to say that he has no plans to retire from MMA, saying, “I love this sport. Physically I’m fine. Mentally I’m fine. Give me a couple of weeks to settle in and when you get in the spot that I am in, we will see.”

There are plenty of interesting matches for Sonnen if he decides to make the shift to 205. UFC president Dana White has said the outspoken fighter has moved to the back of the line in terms of contending at middleweight, so the change might do Sonnen well.

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