When it comes to getting the best fighters in the world, nothing is easy. Stephen Espinoza, the Showtime sports president, believes it can be done when it comes to pitting Strikeforce champions against UFC champions.

“Maybe at some point, with all the creative minds thinking about this issue, we can come up with a solution and something which satisfies the fans who want sort of ‘unified’ champions,” said Espinoza, while appearing on The MMA Hour recently. “I would love to see that happen at some point, as well. I’m not different than any other fan; I’d love to answer that question, too.”

Strikeforce features the likes of Luke Rockhold atop the middleweight division, Gilbert Melendez leading the lightweights, and Nate Marquardt atop the welterweights.

Issues with contracts have been made known in the past few days, but Espinoza feels like those are things that can be worked around. He added that, “we’ve got an arrangement with Strikeforce that gives us rights to Strikeforce fights while they have those fighters under contract to Strikeforce. Beyond that, the short answer is, that’s sort of an issue in the contract between Strikeforce and the fighters. Not us.”

Photo Credit: Phil Lambert/TheMMACorner.com

Future Rockhold-Anderson Silva, Melendez-Benson Henderson and Marquardt-Carlos Condit matches would surely excite the MMA universe.