Michael Bisping and Chris Weidman seem like a perfect match to promote a fight.

Bisping is scheduled to face Brian Stann at UFC 152, while Weidman remains hopeful for a future shot at UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Recently, Weidman was asked to give his opinion on Bisping during an interview with Fighters Only Magazine.

I think he’s a really great fighter, I really do, but I question his mentality against top guys when the pressure is on. Which is pretty much what everyone says about him. He has had chances to fight for the title twice and he doesn’t come through when the pressure is on.

Well, someone must have made sure that Bisping saw those remarks, as he fired back at Weidman via Twitter.

Chris the Wiesel Weidman saying I fold under pressure. Hahahahaha I needed a good laugh this morning.

If anything were to happen that would cause Stann out of the upcoming fight, I am sure the UFC would not have any problems talking Weidman into taking the bout.

Photo credit: CombatLifestyle