Cesar Gracie is planning on making a push for the UFC to give his fighter, Nick Diaz, a new contract.

At the same August 6 meeting with UFC president Dana White, Gracie is going to ask for the UFC to allow Diaz to compete overseas as he continues to try and get his suspension reduced.

Currently, Diaz is suspended from fighting in Nevada after the commission reported that he failed a post-fight drug test. He is eligible to seek his fight license again next February, but Gracie wants him back competing sooner than that, as he told The Score recently.

We want to sort out this whole situation with Nick and get him a fight overseas like other fighters have been afforded that chance. Dana has said in the past the (Nevada Athletic Commission) is the worst commission, so we want him to put his money where his mouth is and free Nick Diaz.

Diaz was defeated by Carlos Condit earlier this year in a bout for the interim UFC welterweight title. Following the loss, the Stockton fighter announced his retirement.

Photo credit: Tracy Lee/Yahoo! Sports